Audrey Bikini (Moderate Absorbency) - Heralogie
Audrey Bikini (Moderate Absorbency) - Heralogie
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Audrey Bikini (Moderate Absorbency)

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Just like her monicker,  the Audrey Bikini is a classic. The soft, pretty waistband sits comfortably at a low rise. Organic cotton lines the absorbent area, allowing for a soft, non-irritating feel.
  • Made with sustainably produced, super-soft Tencel
  • Absorbent area all the way up to the waistband on both sides
  • Moderate absorbency, or 3-4 tampon's worth
  • Feel so comfortable you forget you're on your period!
  • Made for periods and light bladder leakage
  • Anti-odor and anti-bacteria
  • OEKTO-TEX ® Standard 100 certified (non-toxic, non-carcinogenic)
  • Use with or without a tampon/menstrual cup, depending on your level of flow

Recommended care is rinse before machine washing (or hand washing). Hang dry only.

***XL and 2XL sizes may run small.

34-35"  36-37"
38-39" 40-41" 42-43" 44-45"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Second pair I've bought! It did not fail me this time either. I did not feel gross wesring them at work and honestly hate having to put on a pad to wash them. These are awesome. They shipped them the same day I bought them and I will be buying a third pair whenever I can! Stay motivated!

Everything I've Ever Wanted in a Period Underwear

Honestly, this was my first purchase of a period underwear and I can say that it felt weird at first but then I used to it after a few minutes. Comfortable. Forgot I was even wearing a special underwear. The lace is not itchy and the fabric is stretchy.

You need to try these

I’m wearing these for the first time and they are AMAZING. First of all super comfortable, literally could wear them all day. They’re soft like pajama shorts but I also feel so supported. Wore all day on my heaviest day of flow and no leaks at all, but also didn’t feel wet. Idk how you do that it’s magic. I’m going to order like ten more.

I love them!

I love them! I prefer them so much more than pads, I was able to wear them all day on my 2nd day of having my period, they absorb so much and are so comfortable! I’m so glad I have these now and will be sharing them with everyone I know!

Very Comfortable

I had my doubts about period underwear, but decided to give it a try. I like feeling protected, especially with *surprises* that might happen when I stand up from my seated position. In these cases, a pad or tampon alone really can't hold the heavy flow. With this product I have the protection and comfort. This is a product also great for people going through peri-menopause (or anyone with periods) when the period becomes unpredictable. I Love the high-rise style. It's perfect for me because it's full coverage and very flattering.

Lastly, the gusset is made of organic cotton. This makes it very appealing to me. I usually only wear 100% cotton underwear. The product is not completely made of all-cotton material, but it nicely hugging my hips - better than my all cotton one. Overall I gives it a thumbs-up.